"A New home, a house, a roof – and out on the street, light, day! … Osip Mandelstam

The storms of Winter 2020! Horrified by the destruction of communities in our own County Borough and in the nearby Rhondda Valley. And in a town where we lived as children in the Conwy Valley. Hoping that our UK gov. will release millions of pounds to renew homes and revive businesses. And these words from a Russian 26 December 1936 – the poet Osip Mandelstam.

“A full bucket of storms going down into dark waters on a chain, moving out of nobility’s natural resources, headed into the ocean’s kernel.

It rocked, swayed, cautious, threatening. look: the sky’s higher – a new home, a house, a roof – and out on the street, light, day!” …

Those people we saw on the TV news, wounded, yes, but defiant on their weeping streets and determined to be their own light, their own sky and their very own ‘next day’! And the next … and the next …

Holderlin's Spring …

When new enchantment sprouts in the meadowlands,

And when the view grows lovelier once again

And over hills where trees are verdant

Breezes more bright and small clouds are passing.

O what a joy it is for humankind! Content

The lonely walk on river-banks, peace, delight

And bliss of healthy vigour bloom, and

Not far away is kind-hearted laughter

‘Walk on the Beach’ Bastida

Today, I honour my Window!


That all sacred places of the earth  are gathered around one place, and the philosophical light around my window; they are now my delight; may I remember how I have come to this point.

‘The shiningly fertilized places of rest’ Themis, the order-loving, gave birth to the human sanctuaries, the quiet places of rest, which nothing alien can touch,

because in them the working  and life of nature was concentrated, and something around them divines, as though remembering, experience that which they experienced formerly.