The coming of that ‘something’ … something altogether new.

GUY R RENARD. A maverick Priest, mourning his Muse, is mesmerized by Goddess mania.

Following a horrific Road Traffic Crash (RTC) (that left one of his close friends in a coma and the other dead), Guy, a maverick priest, living in the Celtic fringe, embarks on a quest to find his stolen medieval stag carvings. He soon discovers that his adventure involves not only coming to terms with his past but also the emergence of the ‘goddess’ in his life.

ELI (ALETHEIA). An ex-super model deconstructs her life, then sets out to re-fashion the world.

Meanwhile, Eli, a global icon of Egyptian-Indian heritage, living as a semi-recluse in southern Germany, surprises her fans. Having rejected her celebrity status as super-model and actor, Eli returns to public life. The vision that drives Eli and her ‘sisters’ includes a global ‘Celebration of Beauty’ tour, in an ugly and violent apocalyptic world.

And the heart of their vision? The coming of that ‘something’ … something altogether new.

Key to Eli’s vision is the enigmatic ANUNIT …

Guardian of a secret for which even the most pious would kill to prevent the world from discovering.