Emma Peel (Diana Rigg)

I LITERALLY GREW-UP WITH HER AND THE AVENGERS 1961 – 1969. While staying at Nain & Taid’s, I used to watch Emma and Jonathan Steed, with them, as a treat, on their black and white TV, of course.

Diana Rigg aka Emma Peel – has died aged 83
Thanks for some great TV memories

She enjoyed a long and distinguished acting career on stage, in film and on television. The range of her roles was enormous, from serious drama to high camp – becoming a Dame was well deserved. And, of course, she was the only Bond girl to get 007 to the altar.a

As for the tune? Encapsulates a big part of my teenhood! The Avengers TV Intro – Season 5 – 1966 https://youtu.be/10QW3Az1FTw via @YouTube

There is a moment in each Day …

There is a Moment in each Day that Satan cannot find,
Nor can his Watch Fiends find it; but the Industrious find
This Moment & it multiply; & when it once is found
It renovates every Moment of the Day if rightly placed.
In this Moment Ololon descended to Los & Enitharmon,
Unseen beyond the Mundane Shell, Southward in Milton’s track. in each Day

Just in this Moment when the morning odours rise abroads,
And first from the Wild thyme, stands a Fountain in a r
Of crystal flowing into two Streams: one flow thro’ Golgonooza
And thro’ Beulah to Eden, beneath Los’s western wall;
The other flows thro’ the Aerial Void & all the Churches,
Meeting again in Golgonooze beyond Satan’s Seat.

From Blake's 'Milton'
Our Lady of Dranllwyn at Oak Tree House

Script-writing has been a real blessing … even the challenging bits!

Émile Bernard, ‘Benediction’, woodcut from Baudelaire’s #Les Fleurs du Mal’ (1916)
Evil Fate

To lift a weight so heavy,
Would take your courage, Sisyphus!
Although one's heart is in the work,
Art is long and Time is short.

Far from famous sepulchers
Toward a lonely cemetery
My heart, like muffled drums,
Goes beating funeral marches.

Many a jewel lies buried
In darkness and oblivion,
Far, far away from picks and drills;

Many a flower regretfully
Exhales perfume soft as secrets
In a profound solitude.

Baudelaire  tr. William Aggeler (Flowers of Evil, 1857)

When Los joined me at Oak Tree House!

When Los joined with me, he took me in his fiery whirlwind;
My vegetated portion was hurried from Lambeth’s shades;
He set me down in Felpham’s vale, and prepared a beautiful
Cottage for me, that, in three years, I might write all these visions
To display Nature’s cruel holiness; the deceits of Natural Religion,
Walking in my cottage garden, sudden I beheld
The virgin Ololon, and address’d her as a daughter of Beulah
‘Virgin of Providence! fear not to enter into my cottage!’

From Blake's sweet reminiscence of life at Felpham which occurs in the Second Book of Milton
Los, as depicted in The Book of Urizen, copy G

Metamorphosis a la Titian

Many interpretations of Titian’s c. 1560 painting, commonly known as Allegory of Prudence: EX PRÆTE/RITO // PRÆSENS PRVDEN/TER AGIT // NI FVTVRA / ACTIONĒ DE/TVRPET (“from the experience of the past, the present acts prudently, lest it spoil future actions”.)

The many faces of …

The adventure of the Fugitive Stag and its many faces … “Personifying the faceless … giving flesh to the non-existent” … when I find that director and producer!

Oh, how desperately I want to live;
Immortalize the real,
Personify the faceless,
Give flesh to the non-existent!
Life’s crushing dream may smother me
I may suffocate as I dream, -
And yet a light-hearted youth, perhaps
Will say of me in time to come:
Let us forgive his gloom – could it be
That it was really his secret drive?
“He’s but a child of goodness and light
He’s but freedom’s triumph!”
(Aleksandr Bolk 05.02.1914)

Don’t ask me to speak …

Goethe's Heiß mich nicht reden, heiß mich... for me, until  a goddess opens them!

Don't ask me to speak - ask me to be silent,
for my secret is a [solemn] duty to me.
I wish I could bare my soul to you,
but Fate does not will it.
At the right time, the sun's course will dispell
the dark night, and it must be illuminated.
The hard rock will open its bosom; and
ungrudgingly, the earth will release deep hidden springs.
Others may seek calm in the arms of a friend;
there one can pour out one's heart in lament.
But for me alone, a vow locks my lips,
And only a god has the power to open them
Goddess Silenito by Arthur Braginsky