@ Samhain 2019

The Fugitive Stag … on getting it out there‘an amalgam of disparate influences and elements‘ …

Powerful art is never the product of logical reasoning, conscious manipulation, or thought-driven endeavours. Memorable works of art have always been the result of non-rational impulses and unplanned intuitions, not of reason or calculated construction.

In artistic productions reason can at most play a secondary role, a role that amounts to the modification and re-arrangement of the primary and primeval material.  The greater the non-rational powers of an artistthe artist’s feelings, intuition, or imagination – the deeper and more substantial the work that results.  The more an artist relies on conscious reasoning or clever calculation,  the shallower the resulting art work will be.

My unconscious mind – The Mystery, as I prefer to call it – will always yield much deeper truths than the conclusions of rational thought. I do not live in my clear-thinking head: I dwell in the depths of my body and my unconscious ideas and passions. To think that I can ‘get my fugitive stag ‘out-there’ in a rational manner is a patent illusion.

A folly!

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