Surviving ‘the Waste Land’…

I never imagined that back in the 1980s, the discovery, and subsequent theft, of half-a-millennia old Northern European ‘stag carvings,’ would become a core event in my personal story over many decades.

‘My’ fugitive stag took me on a quest that led to Goddess, or what Goethe calls the ‘Eternal Feminine.’ Together, ‘she’ and I toured European culture, past and present, exploring social, cultural, theological and philosophical ideas within my spiritual heritage.

Much of what I saw was a ‘Waste Land’. I even thought at one point that I would be stuck in “rats’ alley.”

Poetry helped save me. Beauty became my redemptrix.

And much to my surprise, the record of my adventure ended up not as a prose poem but a screenplay. A film flirting with the world of arthouse and high concept films!

But only flirting.

The ‘Fugitive Stag’ is an exciting adventure story with broad audience appeal. And a tagline supplied by one of the greatest writers of all time, the Russian Dostoevsky – “Beauty will save the world.”

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