A graphic novel …

Since the adventure of ‘The Fugitive Stag’ emerged and developed in my psyche as a series of living, dynamic scenes, I have also ‘seen’ it as a graphic novel. In fact, it is a story that also cries out … screams at times … for that format.

It would be in the style of Will Eisner’s ‘A Contract with God.’ An exciting possibility. And musing on graphic novels, I imagine another Will, William Blake (who died not far off 200 years ago) applying for a job to illustrate a modern graphic novel in 2019. He’d probably bring a few of these, from his portfolio, to the interview …

Illustrations for a work of Dante’s Comedy
Blake’s ideas for a work on John Milton
Will Blake 1757 – 1827
Will Eisner 1917 – 2005

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