The Mystical Stag …

Medusa and the Mystical Stag in the same story! Yes! Coincidentia Oppositorum! Yes! Yes! The Unity of Opposites. Yes! Yes! Yes! The adventures of the Fugitive Stag is full of them.

One of T.F.S.’s foundation poems is by the Spanish mystic (and dare I add ‘shaman’ ?)St John of the Cross (1542-91)’s ‘Spiritual Canticle’ and its celebration of the journey to salvation of the Wounded Stag.

Its theme of ‘intimacy and loss’ truly embodies the beginning of my quest all those years ago. And Guy’s quest.

Where have you hidden, Beloved, and left me moaning? You fled like the stag after wounding me; I went out calling, but you were gone …

Reveal your presence and may the vision of your beauty be my death; for the sickness of love is not cured except by your very presence and image’ …

If only, on your silvered-over faces, you would suddenly form the eyes I have desired, which I bear sketched deep within my heart.

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