Goddess Apocalypse !

In the 2020s world of The Fugitive Stag, a new spectre is haunting Europe, a new kind of ‘holy alliance’ this time. Eli and Anunit will face it and confront it ‘head-on.’

“A spectre is haunting Europe … all the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre. (Manifesto of the Communist Party 1847 Marx & Engels)

This world is in the Spectre’s power …
until the arrival of that hour,
when his Humanity awake,
and cast his Spectre into the Lake. (William Blake in ‘Jerusalem c1800-1803)

“I felt the struggle for illusions; I felt the pain of one disillusioned; I saw the forces of evil and good contending; I saw a man in a torment of emotion exerting himself to gain inner harmony. I sensed a human being, a drama, truth, the most ruthless truth!” (Arnold Schoenberg after attending the Vienna premier of Mahler’s 3rd symphony in 1904).

Mahler 1869-1911 and Schoenberg 1875-1951

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