Advent wolf!

A different Advent present this year. An Advent calendar with a difference, from my twin sister Anwen. Beerwulf! A new concept for me. Started with a bang. A new Belgian blonde ale called HAPKIN. Shared it with neighbour Reinhardt – both of us unanimous in giving it a 5 ***** for the 8.5% uber tasty delight. Gorgeous. The after-glow lasted five minutes or more after the last sip, gently massaging the tip of my cheekbones.

Reinhardt & ap 01.12.19

As for Advent 2! A can of ‘Easy Peeler citrus session ipa’. I give it 1 * The very antithesis of yesterday! “Uch a fi” as we say in Welsh. Would rather suck on a lemon, if forced.

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