“The kindness of Exalted Night …”

What better words to journey into an unknown future, than these by the incomparable Friedrich Holderlin (d 1843) – from his ‘Bread & Wine’

The kindness of exalted Night is wonderful, and no one
  Knows where she comes from, or what will emerge from her.
Thus she moves the world, and the hopeful minds of humans:
  Not even a sage knows what she’s up to … although
  She herself exists totally free in spirit, forever.
But she must grant us oblivion and holy drunkenness,
  That in the hesitating interval, in the darkness,
There’ll be something for us to hold on to.
  She must grant us flowing words, sleepless
As lovers are, and a fuller cup, and bolder life, and
  Holy remembrance as well, to stay wakeful at night .

We, masters and apprentices both, hide our hearts
  In vain, and repress our enthusiasm for no reason.
For who could stop it, or forbid us our pleasure?
  The fire of the gods drives us to set forth by day
And by night.  So come, let us look at what is apparent,
  And seek what is ours, as distant as it may be!

… the fire of the gods and goddesses

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