The Primal Passions

If you will go down into yourself, under your surface personality you will find you have a great desire to drink life direct from the source, not out of bottle and bottled personal vessels …

Life from the source, unadulterated with the human taint …

The cool, cool truth of pure vitality pouring into the veins from the direct contact with the source. Uncontaminated by even the beginning of a lie …

And the passion of truth is the embrace between man and his god in the sheer coition of the life-flow, stark and unlying.

(from ‘The Primal Passions’ D H Lawrence b. 1885)

Osip Mandelstam (b. 1891) celebrates the primal passions in his ‘Silentium

She has not yet been born: she is music and word, and therefore the un-torn, fabric of what is stirred.

Silent the ocean breathes. Madly day’s glitter roams. Spray of pale lilac foams, in a bowl of grey-blue leaves.

May my lips rehearse the primordial silence, like a note of crystal clearness, sounding, pure from birth!

Stay as foam Aphrodite – Art – and return, Word, where music begins: and, fused with life’s origins, be ashamed heart, of heart!

Birth of Venus (Aphrodite) by Bouguereau (1879)

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