Views on the apocalypse …

I love this quote – cited in ‘APOCALYPSE WITHHELD: ON SLOWNESS & THE LONG TAKE IN BÉLA TARR’S SATANTANGO’ written by Janice Lee and Jared Woodland 15 May 2014

Cinephiles often compare Tarr to Andrei Tarkovsky. In response to this correlation, Tarr says:

“The main difference is Tarkovsky’s religious and [I am] not… [h]e always had hope; he believed in God. He’s much more innocent than… me… Rain in his films purifies people. In mine, it just makes mud.”

Satantango 1994

It is a seven hour long adaptation of the first novel by fellow Hungarian László Krasznahorkai, called Sátántangó. Gerry writes “Sátántangó is a strange and bleak work, and one of the most pessimistic about humanity that I can recall ever having read.”

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