My perspective on this historic 31 January 2020 A.D.

From one of Holderlin’s later odes called Peace

Peace …

... But almost, it seems, a child
Is wiser than we old ones; no conflict tears
His mind or heart, and still untroubled,
Joyful and clear are the eyes of children.
And as the umpire, smilingly earnest, looks
Upon the young men’s racecourse with other guests
And sees the combatants more hotly
Drive into clouds their dust-whirling chariots,
So up above us Helios stands and smiles,
The glad, divine, and never is lonely there,
For without end they dwell there, Aether’s
Blossoming stars, in their holy freedom.
A dramatic interpretation of Holderlin’s Tower in Tubingen
Holderlin Tower Tubingen at Winter

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