Just say No to ‘No Platform’

I hand my space today, 6 March 2020, over to ..

The Week on SPIKED – Tom Slater Deputy Editor
Not that long ago the speakers that students wanted to shut down on campus were fascists, Islamists, the worst kind of authoritarian, bigoted people. Now we hear that middle-of-the-road Conservative Amber Rudd has been disinvited by students at Oxford. That we’ve gone from No Platform for Fascists to No Platform for Wet Tories might seem absurd. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. As spiked has long argued, you cannot pick and choose when it comes to free speech. As soon as you concede that certain views are too hateful to be aired, it is only a matter of time before more mainstream views are silenced on similar grounds. More than ever we need to defend free speech as a fundamental right – for all or for none at all.