You don’t have to dream-up horrific scenarios for films

There were approximately more than 580,000 bombing missions on Laos between 1964 and 1973, that’s one every eight minutes, every day, for NINE YEARS, making it the most bombed country on planet earth.

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The USA dropped over 2 million tons of cluster bombs over Laos —more than all the bombs dropped during WW2 combined.

A wall made from bomb casings in Na Kam Peng, also called Bomb Village, in Laos. (Credit: Peter Langer/Design Pics/Getty Images)
Boats made from fuel tanks seen in a village in Laos. Photo credit: Mark Watson
Defused UXO outside a house in Xieng Khouang. Over 30% of the bombs dropped on Laos by the US failed to explode – leaving literally millions of items of ordinance (many of them tiny mine bomblets from cluster bombs) sitting in villages, buried in rice padddies, and scattered over the hillsides. Casualties from UXO are estimated at 12,000 since 1973. A substantial industry in scrap metal has arisen from the abundance of recoverable (but still fused) bombs, both due to its relative lucrativeness (compared with growning rice), and also out of desperation, as thousands of hectares of land has been rendered unfarmable until cleared of UXO. Once defused, much of this war scrap is also put to practical use; cluster bomb casings are used as planters and house stilts, bomb cases for fencing and jettisoned fuel tanks converted into fishing boats. Evidence of this resourcefulness is everywhere in the Plain of Jars region.( Photo from Mark Watson).

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