Enjoyed a French and German series on TV

Two very different but both enjoyable series in their own way – with the added attraction that memories of our time/home in The Gironde, France, for a decade, kept ‘invading’ each episode! ‘THE LAST WAVE’ (BBC 4) also reminded us of our ‘last wave’ to No 21 France, as I called our ‘maison francaise’. Atgofion gwych.

We liked the characters and the not-to-over-the-top storyline and a satisfying denouement … as we say in Welsh! In addition, Annap not only speaks French and German, but lived in Germany (Tubingen) for a few years, and the added attraction in ‘BIOHACKERS’ (Netflix) of a series set in the beautiful university city of Freiberg, only 50 miles south west of Tubingen.

Last Wave
‘Cafe Anton!
Ann ap on the banks of the Charente river in Saintes
Bon appetit

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