Productions are coming back!

Productions are coming back!
After a long hiatus the plans to
begin production are starting
to come into focus.
That is great news!
But something else lurks on the horizon... 

The WGA and the major agencies
are still at odds with no end in sight.
The smart writers see this as an
opportunity to take their work directly
to producers and managers rather
than trying to land agents.
Across the industry, from the UK to the US,
producers are looking for the most
cutting-edge scripts!

THE FUGITIVE STAG IS READY! Like a bottle in a vast ocean, if you see this blog floating about in virtual space … not just managers and producers … but you may even know someone who knows someone who knows a TOP DIRECTOR looking for a great script … please forward this link. They will be amazed.

A cutting-edge film script awaits inside

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