Emma Peel (Diana Rigg)

I LITERALLY GREW-UP WITH HER AND THE AVENGERS 1961 – 1969. While staying at Nain & Taid’s, I used to watch Emma and Jonathan Steed, with them, as a treat, on their black and white TV, of course.

Diana Rigg aka Emma Peel – has died aged 83
Thanks for some great TV memories

She enjoyed a long and distinguished acting career on stage, in film and on television. The range of her roles was enormous, from serious drama to high camp – becoming a Dame was well deserved. And, of course, she was the only Bond girl to get 007 to the altar.a

As for the tune? Encapsulates a big part of my teenhood! The Avengers TV Intro – Season 5 – 1966 https://youtu.be/10QW3Az1FTw via @YouTube

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