And my goddess? My credo?She is dark …

Many of my robed brothers in cloisters
to the south dwell beneath
 the shade of bay trees.
I see how their Madonnas
 look so utterly human,
 And dream of Titan’s paintings,
how God glows in them like embers.
But when I settle into my own soul
I know my God is dark
 and like a clump of a hundred roots
drinking silently.
I lift myself from His warmth;
more than this I don’t know,
 for my branches rest in the depths and
 sway gently in the winds.
Yakushima, one of Japan’s southernmost islands before the Okinawa archipelago, has been settled since the Jomon period (14,000-300 B.C.). Today, much of the island, whose inland is thickly wooded, is protected by Unesco, its forests undisturbed by commercial activity.Credit…Chrystel Lebas

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