Good late-night viewing week on Netflix

OKTOBERFEST: BEER AND BLOOD - A GERMAN MINI-SERIES. "In 1900 Munich, ambitious brewer Curt Prank uses brutal tactics on his quest to build a beer hall that will dominate the city's lucrative Oktoberfest." — Official Netflix synopsis.

Based on the supposedly true story behind Oktoberfest, Beer & Blood brings high-quality production, sex, violence, secrets, and brews to this brutal origin tale. Equal parts crime drama and family thriller – Curt Prank (Misel Maticevic) plays a brewer whose daughter, Clara (Mercedes Muller, late of Netflix’s own Freud), falls for the heir of a rival business – make for a heady concoction. With this year being what it is, the show will inevitably be the closest you can get to the actual Oktoberfest, and early-October release makes great marketing sense after a run on German television.

We also enjoyed INHERITANCE – Lily Collins, again (more about her later) and Simon Pegg impressed, since I am not a fan of his comedies.

Not Lily Collins
Simon Pegg's wife thought he looked ILL with ripped torso after 19lb weight loss!

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