Bedri Baykam homage to Edvard Munch

Orgasmic Death (Madonna)
Bedri Baykam b 1957 Turkey
He studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris and got MBA degree. During this time, he also studied drama in L'Actorat, Paris. He lived in California during the years 1980-1987, studied painting and film-making at the CCAC, in California. He has had several shows in New York, California and Paris. He returned to Turkey in 1987.
He has had 142 one-man-shows in around the world in addition to participating to numerous group shows. Baykam is one of the pioneers of the New-Expressionism movement and of multi-media and photo-painting oriented political art. He is the author of 29 published books, two feature film scripts; there are also 52  catalogs and 8 books about his works.

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