Another world …

New Heaven and Earth (DHL)
 And so I cross into another world
 shyly and in homage linger for an invitation
 from this unknown that I would trespass on.

 I am very glad, and all alone in the world,
 all alone, and very glad, in a new world
 where I am disembarked at last.

 I could cry with joy, 
because I am in the new world, just ventured in.
 I could cry with joy, 
and quite freely, there is nobody to know.

 And whosoever the unknown people
 of this un- known world may be
 they will never understand my weeping for joy
 to be adventuring among them
 because it will still be a gesture of the old world I am making
 which they will not understand, 
because it is quite, quite foreign to them. 
Carlos Schwabe

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