20 January 2021 Reality check by Dimitri Konstantakopoulos

The operetta-like events of 6 January 2021 may probably be considered in the future as the birthday of a classic Neo-Fascist movement. But behind them we can easily discern the shadow of the enormous, emerging threat of a new branch of Totalitarianism based on the explosive progress of information and other technologies, which is no less of a threat to human civilization than classical Fascism. (20 January 2021 by Dimitri Konstantakopoulos from ‘Trump lost: long live Trumpism!’). 

We don’t know what will be the future of Trump himself. But he laid the foundations for both the creation of a mass Far Right movement and for a permanent adoption of some of the extremist Far Right ideas by the Republican Party, 

In fact, it is the unprecedented collapse of the credibility of the main institutions of capitalist countries (state institutions, political parties, mainstream media, scientists, banks, corporations) that are preparing the ground, in the absence of credible progressive interpretations and proposals, for the development of Far-Right paranoia … 

 On 20 February 1933, the representatives of the German industries and banks (to a large extent the same ones still dominating the European economy), met the leadership of the Nazi party in the Reichstag. They endorsed Hitler’s plans and provided him with generous financial support. They did that in order to avoid the disaster for them of a Socialist or Communist Revolution and to be able to prepare their imperialist campaign to the East (Drang nach Osten) deemed necessary to find a way out of the deep crisis of German capitalism. 

We believe that Trump (represented) a modern equivalent of classic totalitarian movements, like Nazism and Fascism, in the sense that it is trying to imitate the traditional historical function of Nazis and Fascists, that is to use the deep dissatisfaction with and anger at the ruling elites of the popular and the middle classes, in order to put them finally at the service of Big Capital and Imperialism.  Trump’s real programme is essentially “Dictatorship in America, War against everybody else” (including civilisation and nature).
Dimitri Konstantakopoulos

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