True love(rs) 1800 style

Susette und Holderlin
 But we, peacefully joined, like the loving swans,
 When they rest on the lake, or, rocked by waves
 Look down into the water, where silver clouds mirror themselves,
 And ethereal blue undulates under the travellers in ships,
 So on earth we wandered. And even if the North threatened
 He, the enemy of lovers, tendering laments, and fell
 From the branches the leaves, and flew in the wind the rain
 Quietly we smiled, were aware of our god
 In our trusting conversation; in one soul-song
 Completely at peace with ourselves, childish and joyfully alone.

 But the house is laid waste for me now, and they have taken my eye
 From me, also myself I have lost with her.
 Thus I wander about, and perhaps like the Shades, so must I
 Live, and senseless, long has seemed, the rest to me.
 This was written in 1800, two years after they were forced to part.