‘Tucked’ – an unexpected little gem from 2018, on Netflix.

WE BOTH LOVED IT. I had been researching UK based ‘film companies’ earlier and came across Brighton based Jump Start Productions and Jamie Patterson – his 12th feature length film, and he’s only 34 years young. What a talent. Didn’t even know that Derren was still alive and going strong at 85 years of age. A brilliant and exquisite performance.

Derren Nesbitt and Jordan Stephens

Yes! ‘Your Honour.’

A series produced by CBS Studios in association with King Size Productions. It premiered on SHOWTINE on 6 December 2020.
Just finished a good gut-wrenching mini-series on SKY Atlantic . Had no idea, beforehand, it was based on the original Yes Studio series, “Kvodo.” If follows the same storyline, featuring a father and son, although,  the relationship between the Israeli father and son is more fractured and fraught says the article by Jessica Steinberg.
Intrigued now by the whole issue of 're-makes.' Must read up some more on the whole concept in contemporary  culture. Can no one come up with more original ideas? Adrian Hennigan, for example, writes:  "I’ve actually seen three different versions of the opening episode in recent days: the Israeli original, the U.S. remake and an Indian version that’s almost literally a shot-for-shot facsimile of the Israeli show – down to the minutest detail. (Little wonder the Hindustan Times called it “a faithful remake of an award-winning Israeli show”).

'Your Honour' packs a lot into 10 episodes. Wouldn't expect deep analysis of the main characters in that time. It moved along nicely (nice!!!!) for me and kept me hooked and on the edge of my seat.  That'll do for me with this kind of mini-series.