C5’s The Intruder.

The "edge-of-your-seat thriller"  !!!!!!!!!!!!! No. The edge of your seat cringe. It was terrible. Kept watching - aided by the 'fast forward' dynamic in places - just to see how much worse it could become. Ridiculous story. Wooden acting. Super amateur bad 'am-dram' in places that was truly cringe worthy ... but, at least the actors - some good at playing themselves - made some money to pay their bills.  Absolutely shocking. Sorry, Gareth (Tunley) the Writer, but 2/10 for this one.    

The Irregulars (Netflix) – an unexpected hit with both of us (with a couple of qualifications). Hope there is Series 2.

Great casting, a not too ‘over-the-top’ supernatural genre, good stories and production
Reservations?  Sherlock's inner demons maybe over played (we do like Henry Lloyd-Hughes as SH) but Dr Watson didn't quite hit it with us: he must have a loveable core. somewhere, surely! OK - we saw a hint at the very end. As for the Man in White, well, it was obvious from the start that he was luciferian. We don't normally watch this genre, so nothing to compare it with. Hope Tom Bidwell, the writer, can keep the standard in a second run.