The Innocent (Netflix)

Good dubbing in this Spanish mini-series based on a Harlan Coben 2009 thriller – time does fly! Kept us both glued for a few nights. Worth watching.
One night, Matt innocently tried to break up a fight and ended up an homicide. Now, nine years later, he's trying to start from scratch with Olivia, his wife. A shocking call from Olivia's phone while she's on a business trip unsettles Matt, and he will start a frenetic race to discover the truth. His innocence will be questioned again, this time by Lorena, a police inspector investigating a suicide case.
A twisty novel/story with many layers and characters who have very complex lives - 'It is a true thriller with plenty of action and guns (well, it is set in America), vulnerable women who end up as strippers in seedy clubs and some dodgy police officers - although we don't know which of them are to be trusted.' (An Amazon reviewer ... I couldn't have put it better myself!
Eight Harlan Coben books have been transformed into 'movies:' The Innocent. The Woods. The Stranger. Safe. The Five. Just One Look. No Second Chance. Tell No One.
Harlan Coben born 1962 Newark New Jersay. Photo by Olivier Vigerie 2018.

Kelvin Harrison Jr – a star of the future? No! A star now and still only 26.

Although screened at Sundance film festival in 2018, very timely for 2021. A great performance and the cinematography was ideal for the Court Room setting. Harrowing at times, but well worth our Saturday night main movie slot.  Good to see Jeffrey Wright whom I liked in Boardwalk Empire - was it 2010! I'm not a fan of Westworld, although I did try! JW also plays agent Felix Leiter in the James Bond franchise. I must admit though, my favourite actor for the latter was Jack Lord  (d.1998) .