Some interesting viewing on Netflix

Enjoyed the story very much , not ‘too-over-the-top’ in terms of fantasy but for me Christian Convery (the deer boy) doesn’t have that special bit of magic or charisma to make it a great series. The big guy, Nonso, was excellent. And with better lead casting, the chemistry between him and the deer boy would have been really magical. As for the deer-boy antlers and their ‘movement’!!! Very weak.

And a brilliant, though, obviously harrowing in parts, Polish film. Excellent in every way, 2019 Legiony.

As a Polish militia battles for independence from Russian rule in the 1910s, a star-crossed romance puts loyalties to the test. Inspired by true events.

Director: Dariusz Gajewski and a great cast: Sebastian FabijańskiBartosz GelnerWiktoria WolańskaMirosław BakaJan FryczGrzegorz MałeckiAntoni PawlickiBorys Szyc

57 year old Dariusz Gajewski – a Polish director, producer and screenwriter

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