‘Glows at me timidly’

Led to this poem by Trakl last night as we re-called Jac’s time with us

Aeon (Georg Trakl)

An animal face in the brown green
Glows at me timidly, the bushes gleam.
In the far distance an old fountain sings
With child voices. There I listen.

The wild jackdaws mock me
And all around the birches veil themselves.
I stand silent before a fire of tares
And softly images paint themselves.

On golden ground an ancient myth of love.
Over the hill the clouds spread their silence.
Over the ghostly pond-mirror
Fruit beckons, glowing and heavy. 
A toast to Jacques
Jacques about a month old
Trakl, as always, so many levels of meaning in his poems. Many an epic tale in themselves. 

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