Here be humans!

A stylized representation of human lineages 50,000 years ago (excludes more distant ones, such as the “Hobbits” of Flores)

GREAT ARTICLE. FASCINATING. “Even the canonical “Out of Africa“ migration itself has turned out to be less neat and tidy than we all thought”Great piece – See Razib Khan article on…

All non-Africans share ancestry that dates back to a single tiny human population of 1,000 to 10,000 people which flourished 60,000 years ago, and exploded across Eurasia and Australia in a single sweep.

As for the native white Welsh speaking Cymro Celt from NW Wales, my own DNA link goes back to one of two daughters of a Mother who lived in what is today southern France about 20,000 years ago. I share my DNA with about 350 million Europeans ... distant cousins! 
The natives of the Andaman Islands are much more genetically similar to a Swede than they are to any African population – incredible.
I find this paragraph mind-blowing: Outside Africa, whether you are an indigenous Australian, Amazonian native or a German burgher, fully 90-99% of your ancestry derives from a single ancestral human population pulse 60,000 years ago. Somehow, an isolated African tribe of 1,000 to 10,000 people, who became genetically homogenous due to their initial small population size, swept across Eurasia. By 50,000 years ago, they reached Australia. They had replaced the last Neanderthals and Denisovans by 40,000 years ago, if not earlier. They even migrated to North and South America 15,000 years ago. 
And this one more disturbing! Because these are brand new finds, there is not yet consensus about these fossils. Some researchers want to call “Dragon Man” Homo longi (龙, pronounced lóng, being Chinese for dragon), a new human species, and assert its features mean it is more closely related to modern humans than Neanderthals. Though Chris Stringer dismisses any bias in the Chinese researchers, I can't help but discern a drive here to establish precedence for China as one of the major hearths of modern humans, perhaps a matter of external pressure from the Xi regime.*

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