Ganglands( Braqueurs) – premiered on Netflix this September – excellent in every department

Sami Bouajila and Tracy Gotoas

The series created by Julien Leclercq promised a solid storyline and high-intensity action, and the series lives up to the expectation. with enough action sequences in 50-minute episodes. French thrillers airing on Netflix are generally captivating, full of suspense, action, steamy frolics, and a decent storyline all in all.

The story depicts a thief and a robber who get their hands dirty as they become embroiled in a dark turf battle between drug dealers

A second series? Let’s hope so.

S55 year-old Sami  is a two-time césar award winning French-Tunisian actor who has been active in France since 1991.
Tracy is a 25 year old French actress

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