What a ‘Trip! What a late-night laugh …

Great to be re-united with Aksel Hennie and Lisa Rapace

We didn’t really know what to expect – superb Norwegian production and comedic black humour at it’s best. Yes! But it takes a good acting duo to pull it off. Almost a ‘laugh-a-minute.’

OK, one or two ‘bits’ that didn’t need to be there, but it is black humour, after all – with some cutting satirical bits.

 “It’s amusing and irreverent, bleak and repulsive — and therefore an exercise in cognitive dissonance, I guess. It’s definitely conceived more in sickness than in health. For better or worse. ’Till death by disembowelment or shotgun do we part. I’m gonna stop there”+ – John Serba … I couldn’t have put it better myself.

The three convicts on the run also played the terrible trio to perfection – Petter (Atle Antonsen), Dave (Christian Rubeck), and Roy (André Eriksen). Nils Ole Oftebro as ‘Dad’ – good to see him again. Stig Frode Henriksen was a new face for us – not much of a role for him.

It’s labelled as an action thriller- by who! It’s a HORROR-COMEDY folks. Silly? Yes. Daft? Yes.

Director: Tommy Wirkola – and co-writer. Will have to look-up his Dead Snow (2009). 

Tommy Wirkola – a Norwegian of Finnish heritage. That look, that smile says it all!

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