FEAR! A synchronistic passage for this morning in our C19 – B.1.1.529 world!

Fear is an eminently timely topic … fear today has become something like a test: be afraid, so you can prove that you are on the right side. Insulate yourself with fear … Not only does fear isolate a person from others, but it raises that person out of time. Fear is always of the moment, the present. It casts a person back into nature (for) fear exists only in the present tense. And what else is there that has no consciousness of the past of the future? The body. In the course of being afraid the body will be more important than anything else … in a state of fear, a person, more than anything else, reacts within the body’s corporeality …

From ‘Dostoevsky Reads Hegel in Siberia And Bursts Into Tears’ (A collection of essays on contemporary culture) by Laszlo F. Foldenyi 2020.

Hungarian critic, essayist and art theorist. Professor and Chair in the Theory of Art, University of Theatre, Film and Television, Budapest. He is also a member of the German Academy for Language and Literature. 

Laszlo F. Foldenyi b. 1952

One of the books I have on the go at the moment – combining morning contemplations or musings of a shamanic and philosophical nature. More to come from Laszlo