‘The Kagans are Back: Wars to Follow’ wrote Robert Parry (Consortium News) nearly six years ago. He was so right.

After researching the causes of the current civil war in Ukraine, I have read, studied, collated etc hundreds and hundreds of articles, millions of words, to try and understand the true source(s) of why our world is now at the beginning of a Global Economic War, a war that the USA (and sadly our own UK Government/Parliament with the support of minority parties like Plaid Cymru) is using to destroy Ukraine and the economy of the EU in the process. 

I know that most people are too busy nowadays to ‘really find out more’ about why Europe is at war in 2023. It saddens me that our Main Stream Media is now nothing more than the Propaganda Outlet for our warmongering leaders and their supporters. 

At root this conflict is a spiritual one.

It’s about integrity, honesty and a just sharing of our global resources. Ukraine is stage one of the USA’s GLOBAL DOLLAR WAR, or in New Testament terms MAMMON’s REVENGE – ie. in secular terms it’s all about ‘money, material wealth, or any entity that promises wealth, and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain’. Whether you are religious or not, a Christian or not, the New Testament’s teaching about Mammon is as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago.

(The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn de Morgan 1909)

If I had to destroy most of my 2022 Ukraine Conflict Library, these few articles by the late Robert Parry – 2017, 2015, and 2 from February and March 2014 (Yes! Almost nine years ago) – would be in my Top Ten to keep.  

Knowing how you care for our children and children’s children and the latter’s children’s future, then please consider reading Robert’s words of wisdom and then maybe even sharing it with family and friends. 

Robert writes, ultimately, about one family’s spirituality. 

A family, supposedly of great intellect, scholarly prowess and political insight. 

One family’s vision for our world. 

A family so powerful that it has already – without you realizing it – moulded the way you view the world of 2022 and 2023, and probably the way you view me in sharing this with you! 

That’s why I’ve attached photographs of them. This is a real family that has been working for decades to shape and fashion our very personal world in their own image. 

The world of real families here in the UK: in Wales, in England, Scotland and Ireland, whatever one’s political leanings or none.

Finally, I don’t believe that WWIII is imminent. Europe 2023 is, tragically, a belated continuation of WWII. 

Unfinished business. 

The problem is that most humans are only rational some of the time. 

And some small percentage of us – most of our leaders most of the time – often reach a state of complete irrationality most of the time!

Or, in the words of Chilton Williamson Jr., ‘History is not fate but it is logical, even when the human actors do not themselves behave logically on occasion, or even much of the time’. 

The USA KAGAN FAMILY BUSINESS …and us! – yrapiorwerth@gmail.com – Gmail (google.com) RobertParry’s articles

Featuring the brothers Kagan and wives Victoria and Kim

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