A poem for 6 May 2023 by D.H. Lawrence from 1929

BE A DEMON by D H Lawrence (1929)

Oh be a demon

outside all class!

If you’re a woman

or even an ass

still be a demon

beyond the mass.

Somewhere inside you

lives your own little fiend,

and woe betide you

if he feels demeaned,

better do him justice,

keep his path well cleaned.

When you’ve been being

too human, too long,

and your demon starts lashing out

going it strong,

don’t get too frightened

it’s you who’ve been wrong.

You’re not altogether

such a human bird,

you’re as mixed as the weather,

not just a good turd,

so shut up pie-jaw blether,

let your demon be heard.

Don’t look for a Saviour,

you’ve had some, you know!

Drop your sloppy behaviour

and start in to show

your demon rump twinkling

with a hie! hop below!

If, poor little bleeder,

you still feel you must follow

some wonderful leader

now the old ones ring hollow,

then follow your demon

and hark to his holloa!