I am a screenwriter, author and radical theologian. I live ‘near Cardiff’ with Ann and our ‘silver hound’ Bendigeidfran (Bran the Blessed). The quest of the fugitive stag lies at the heart of my spirituality, which can best be described as ‘shamanic’. In addition to writing, I tend my ‘sacred space’ or garden (with its shrine to the fugitive stag), walk with my dog, keep in touch with close family and friends, read poetry and watch films.

The Fugitive Stag (TFS) isn’t a screenplay … it is a ScreenplayPLUS!

“What started off as a spiritual quest many decades ago – exploring social, cultural, theological and philosophical ideas within my European cultural heritage – ended up, not as a prose poem but a screenplay. My personal story emerged, in fact, as a series of dramatic pictures and scenes based on modern and classical art and poetry. Every ‘still’, if you like, became ‘a movie’ of my shamanic journey.

I’ve ended up with a creative piece of work that is more than a screenplay. It is a ScreenplayPLUS! My next quest, and challenge, is to find a director or producer to have a chat with about my ScreenplayPLUS …

… because my story has transformed itself into an epic film, flirting with the world of arthouse and high concept films, in the process – and a tagline supplied by Dostoevsky himself: “Beauty will save the world.”

I know that this isn’t the way things are normally done in the film industry, but once a maverick always a maverick – as with my protagonists! Leaving my ScreenplayPLUS on the shelf to gather dust is not an option.To paraphrase a favourite Western TV series of mine from the late fifties. “Have Screenplay – Will Travel.”

Someone, somewhere, knows someone, who knows someone … who has a personal link to a director or producer …