Abbess Medb …

Medb’s Epiphany

Medb was not part of my original story, which goes back many a decade. When she did appear, it wasn’t to be later on in Guy’s adventure, as I had planned, when she would travel with him to the denouement. Her epiphany would be at the very beginning, when she would be decapitated after a few minutes of appearing on screen!

I was devastated.

I didn’t want her to be killed off at the start, and ‘fought’ the idea for about a year.

Then I realized that writing the story of the fugitive stag was more that ‘just a story.’

It was an initiation. A shamanic journey into the mystery of Goddess, the Eternal Feminine. After her decapitation Medb became my Muse, the creative life-blood, and, consequently, the Patroness of my Screenplay PLUS project. She is the ‘golden string’, or is it a ‘blood-red string’, that flows throughout the story from beginning to end.