I Need a film!

“I need a theatre” wrote W B Yeats in 1916.

In 2020 I need a film!

I want to share these words again by WBY: “Being sensitive, or not knowing how to escape the chance of sitting behind the wrong people, I have begun to shrink from sending my muses where they are but half-welcomed … Yet I need a theatre … I desire to show events and not merely tell of them … and I seem to myself most alive at the moment when a room full of people share the one lofty emotion. My blunder has been that I did not discover in my youth that my theatre must be the ancient theatre that can be made by unrolling a carpet or marking out a place with a stick, or setting a screen against the wall. (W B Yeats – Note on ‘At the Hawk’s Well’).

I cannot send my muses where they are not welcome at all!

Muse Untamed by Tom Kidd

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