Shelley’s ‘Queen Medb’ 1813

But my soul, From sight and sense of the polluting woe Of tyranny, had long learned to prefer Hell’s freedom to the servitude of heaven. Therefore I rose, and dauntlessly began My lonely and unending pilgrimage

Yes! A lonely and unending pilgrimage!

SPIRIT. Is there a God?

AHASUERUS. Is there a God?—aye, an almighty God,
And vengeful as almighty! Once his voice
Was heard on earth: earth shuddered at the sound;
The fiery-visaged firmament expressed
Abhorrence, and the grave of nature yawned
To swallow all the dauntless and the good
That dared to hurl defiance at his throne,
Girt as it was with power

Unending? Not really – you just walk away from him.

Walk away

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