“Feed the Beast” …

The majority of protesters deplore violence and vandalism – some even went to the length of putting themselves in harm’s way to stop a minority of marchers attacking the police

Yet the unrepresentative extremes of the movement are being amplified by a media that cannot help but feed the beast, and emboldened by a sense of general lawlessness. If things carry on this way the country will reach a breaking point and it will not be pretty … 

writes Tom Harwood, who continues …

Black people are tired of being stopped by police for what seems to be little more than suspicion of the crime of ‘walking while black’. Though stop and search is a vital tool in the fight against knife crime, less than a quarter of police stops of black people have been over the suspected possession of offensive weapons. 56% on the other hand, are over suspicion of drug offences. There is no evidence to suggest black people use drugs more than white people, yet black people are overwhelmingly more likely to go to prison for drug use. As of 2019, just 1.2% of police officers were black, compared to 3.3% of the general population.

Yet despite these evident problems, this week we chose to enter the mad house.

In order for things to change, as they must, level heads need to prevail. Structural discrimination must be stamped out, and in order for that to happen THIS UNBEARABLE US-STYLE CULTURE WAR MUST BE KICKED BACK ACROSS THE ATLANTIC.

Dark Regions Press

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