An unexpected guest …

My Empress has a lofty palace
With seven golden pillars.
My Empress has a seven-pointed crown,
Inlaid with countless precious stones …
  She casts aside her diamond crown,
Abandons the golden palace, and, arriving,
An unexpected guest, at her faith(full) beloved’s door,
She knocks upon it, her hand full of grace.
And bathed in light, she bends down over him
Like youthful springtime over sombre winter
And, full of quiet tenderness,
Covers him with her radiant veil.
And the dark powers are stricken to the ground,
His whole being burns with pure flame,
And with eternal love in her azure eyes
She softly speaks to her beloved: “I know …
(Vladimir  Solovyov)
Vladimir Solovyov (1853 – 1900) by Nikolai Yaroshenko, 1892

Both Soloviev and Nietzsche died in the August of 1900

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