Self-portrait 1944


“I don’t see why one shouldn’t be absolutely fascinated with the human form…,” Tanning once stated. “We go through life in this wonderful envelope. Why not acknowledge that and try to say something about it? What I try to say about it is transformation.”


Dorothea Tanning … 1912 to 2010 … 101 years of an incredible life!

From Legend 1949 – “Please be advised that I will vaccinate the world with a desire for violent and perpetual astonishment … The 3 graces had been looking rather sleepy but at the last words they opened their mouths in horror, then picked up their knitting and fled.
Max Ernst and Dorothea – 34 years together as wife and husband

She and Ernst had “never talked art, … We just had fun. We both had senses of humour, and we enjoyed using them …”

“I was a loner, am a loner, good Lord, it’s the only way I can imagine working. And then when I hooked up with Max Ernst, he was clearly the only person I needed …”