“Erdogan’s order making Hagia Sophia mosque …

brings cheers, mourning … its imminent conversion from a museum back to a mosque.I must be missing something here, but it was built by a Christian to be a Christian church. A mosque or museum, its historicity can never be denied or removed: its original dedication was as a church.

When I entered Hagia Sophia, I was informed that it was not a place for Christians to pray … I just smiled! And I smile today, when I think of Muslims going back to pray there, in a sacred space that will, in a very real and historical and spiritual sense, be always Christian.

I suppose you could say, that, by the Grace of God, it’s foundation will always be Christian.

Continued blessings on all who pray there in the future – a real historical inter-faith site.

And should Hagia Sophia’s exquisite mosaics be harmed and even ‘removed, ‘ it will still be, ‘originally,’ a Christian building and site.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Inventing ‘God’ …

How the Philosophers Invented “God”

A second idiosyncrasy of philosophers confuses the last with the first.

The rationalist philosophers begin with the “highest” concepts, when they would be at the end if they could be reached at all. The good. The true. The perfect.

Since being is static for these philosophers, the “highest” concepts could not have emerged from the “lower” ones.

Because they cannot come to be, they must be treated as causes in themselves.

Since these “highest” concepts must conform perfectly with one another, they are all located in a single being, the “most real being,” “God.”

The human race has paid dearly for this web-spinning by the philosophers.