“Erdogan’s order making Hagia Sophia mosque …

brings cheers, mourning … its imminent conversion from a museum back to a mosque.I must be missing something here, but it was built by a Christian to be a Christian church. A mosque or museum, its historicity can never be denied or removed: its original dedication was as a church.

When I entered Hagia Sophia, I was informed that it was not a place for Christians to pray … I just smiled! And I smile today, when I think of Muslims going back to pray there, in a sacred space that will, in a very real and historical and spiritual sense, be always Christian.

I suppose you could say, that, by the Grace of God, it’s foundation will always be Christian.

Continued blessings on all who pray there in the future – a real historical inter-faith site.

And should Hagia Sophia’s exquisite mosaics be harmed and even ‘removed, ‘ it will still be, ‘originally,’ a Christian building and site.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

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