DEVS – mini series April 2020 on BBC 2

Started it in April – for some reason stopped after 10 minutes. Re-visited last week (with Annap) and really enjoyed it. Hooked. So many disappointing home grown series on ‘the BBC’ these last few years. Good to watch a series with a mystico-philosophical bent … sometimes. Not sure why a female actor was picked to play a young boy and there was no need to introduce a visiting US senator scenario. The statue? Bit over the top. Excellent cast … and, once again, a satisfying ending. Definitely 9/10 for me.

DEVS Nick Offerman as Forest, Sonoya Mizuno as Lily Chan. Photo Raymond Liu

Born in Tokyo, Sonaya was raised in Somerset England. Her mother is of half British and half Argentine descent and her father is Japanese. She graduated from the Royal Ballet School before dancing with several ballet companies in Germany, Ireland and Scotland.

Sonya Mizuno
Nick Offerman – American actor, writer, comedian, producer, and woodworker. Photo by Andy Kropa



The FX limited series Devs was the first foray into television by Alex Garland, the writer-director of Ex Machina.

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