A special experiment is in progress.

On my left is a group of primitives, and yet they are human or at least humanoid. Not ‘ape-like’ but short and stocky with long arms. 

‘We humans’ at the very start of our ‘journey’.


Present as a ‘strong youth and wise man,’ I am very protective towards them. I look deep into the eyes of some of them.

One in particular.

I see the fear of being misunderstood: the yearning to grow-up and to become more whole and human: the longing to be accepted and to be loved, the hope for immortality.

It is ‘that’ look’ that startled me. Startles me.

To look into those eyes from aeons ago. To be in close contact with our genesis. My genesis.

I am eager to look after ‘him’, because I don’t want ‘him’ to be misunderstood. I don’t want his ‘animal-ness’ or primitiveness to be conceived as something threatening.

The primitives have disappeared.

I become aware of advanced scientific-technical tests way in the future. I see advanced humans in speed-stress experiments, willing and eager to be pushed to their limits. I was part of the experiment and yet ‘in charge’ in some way.

As I wake up, I look again into those early humanoid eyes and once more I am startled.

Startled to be able to see into them – and ‘to know.’

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