Resonates with me today … Ring! Ring!

Cilgwyn, ger Carmel (Caernarfon) Llun gan Richard Jones (Photographer)
I'd buy it if I could and do it up ... 
Oh, not to be separated,
shut off from the starry dimensions
by so thin a wall.

What is within us
if not intensified sky
traversed with birds

and deep
with winds of homecoming? (Rilke)

An invalid now ... 
A prisoner now,
One who drew the hardest lot:
In your own shaft
Laboring bent over,
Excavating yourself,
Digging into yourself,
Without aid,
A corpse —
Overpiled by a hundred burdens,
By your overburdens,
One in the know!self-knower!
The wise Zarathustra! ... 
(from Nietzsche's 'Amid Birds of Prey).

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