There is a tavern …

 Psalm – Georg Trakl - excerpts from

 There is a light, which the wind has extinguished.
 There is a tavern on the heath, which a drunk abandons
 in the afternoon.
 There is a vineyard, black and burnt with holes full of spiders.
 There is a room, which they have whitewashed with milk. 
 The madman has perished. 
 There is an Island of the South Sea, to receive the sun god.
 Drums are beaten. The men lead warlike dances.
 The women hip-sway in creepers and fire-flowers,
 When the sea sings. O our lost paradise.
 The nymphs have left the golden forests.
 The stranger is buried. Then a shimmering rain arises.
 The son of Pan appears as an earth-worker …
 The square before the church is dark and silent, 
 as in the days of childhood …
 And the shadows of the damned decline towards sighing waters.
 In the grave the white magician plays with his snakes.
  Silently above the place of skulls God’s golden eyes are opening. 

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