Dear First Minister of Wales

 22 February 2021from Rev’d Geraint ap Iorwerth
 Dear Mr Drakeford.
 Apart from a few politically motivated differences, you have slavishly followed England with its Lockdown mentality and policy. 
 ‘Lockdown’ is a prison term (American at that!), used to reinforce the fact that a person is a prisoner and therefore guilty of a crime. It is meant to break the spirit of the guilty person and reinforce the fact that he or she is not free. 
 Living in what is supposed to be a liberal democracy, I find your government’s continual use of the word ‘Lockdown’ highly problematic and counter-productive. 
 In fact, I find your continued use of the word ‘Lockdown’ highly offensive, both morally and spiritually. 
 Its long-term damage to the country– emotionally, mentally, creatively, morally - is yet to be assessed.
 Only you and your cabinet know why you chose to use this word and all the associations tied to it. Maybe it was due to intellectual laziness? Political cowardice? A lack of imagination? Maybe all of these and more?
 In the past I have supported people, in other countries, who have been under house or country arrest – obviously for political reasons - as they fought for their democratic rights.  In these challenging times, Wales could have done things so differently. You chose not to, and sadly, people’s trust in the way we are governed is suffering. 
 Rule by fear does not work in the long term. At the moment that ‘fear’ in Wales – ‘Cymru Fach’ - is destroying lives, splitting families and nurturing a sense of hopelessness that is far more dangerous than Covid19.
 If I am guilty of a crime then charge me. 
 If I am a prisoner, then at least have the courage to use that word.
 ‘Lockdown’ is a convenient propaganda tool. A lazy tool. A highly offensive tool. Wales deserves better.
 Innocently yours, Geraint ap 

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