The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet
  1 These words are True, concerning the Stone of the Philosophers.
 2 What rises above, comes from that left below, and what is below comes from the above, to work the miracle of creation of the One Stone.
 3 All things originated from the Philosophers Stone by a single process.
 4 The Stone’s Father is the Sun, its Mother is the Moon.
 5 The Wind carried the Stone in its womb, the Earth breast fed it.
 6 The Stone is the Father of all works of wonder' in the world,
 its power is complete.
 7 With the colour of Fire and ashes, our Stone comes up from the earth,
 You must separate the earth from the Stone,
 the precious from the gross, gently with great industry.
 8 The Stone, arises from the earth and descends from heaven;
 thus it gathers to itself the strength of all things above and all things below.
 9 Thus when you have the Philosophers Stone, the light of lights,
 the darkness of ignorance will flee away from you.
 10 In the Stone is power, strong with the strength of all power,
 for the Stone will penetrate all mysteries and dispel all ignorance.
 11 Thus, was the Human world created.
 12 In the future, wonderful developments will be made,
 and the Philosophers Stone, is the Way.
 13 I am Hermes the Threefold Sage,
 so named because I hold the three elements of all Wisdom,
 the Animal, the Mineral and the Vegetable.
 My sermon about the operation of the Sun is now completed.
800AD Tr 1140 this tr.(C)2008 Donald E.Teeter

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